Relax in Nature With a Cozy Double Chaise Rocker


Having a comfortable rocking chair in your garden is a dream come true! What can be more relaxing than spending an afternoon in the sun in a comfy chair? Well, the correct answer is: spending an afternoon in a comfy chair together with your loved one. Since most rocking chairs are quite tiny, you will find this next piece a true delight. It is a double chase rocker for those who like to enjoy some romantic and relaxing moments together with their loved one without sacrificing their own comfort. To learn more about this stunning chair, visit the link below and order one right away.

75″ length x 56″ width x 70″ height.

Double Chaise Rocker


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Kids Lounge Chairs with Umbrella


These Kids Lounge Chairs with Umbrella will look perfect in any backyard. Kids feel so much more comfortable using furniture designed for them instead of settling for bulky, adult-sized furniture. What else is perfect on a warm and sunny day? A cold glass or two of lemonade will fit perfectly in the custom cup holders…….this is so cute!

Kids Lounge Chairs with Umbrella

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A Lovely Kids Mini Lounge


Your little one will be ready for outdoor fun and relaxation with this lovely Kids Mini Lounge. When the weather gets hot, children will be protected from the sun and ready to “chill” under the 3 sided canopy. This lounge is constructed with high quality weather-resistant wood- it will keep looking great year after year even through rain, sun and snow. What else is perfect on a warm and sunny day? A cold glass or two of lemonade will fit perfectly in the custom cup holders…….this is so cute!

 Kids Mini Lounge…..this is so cute!


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Awesome Pirate Sandboat


How much fun can your kids have pretending to be pirates? You can find out by taking them to a theme park. But why not try and make it a permanent adventure, not just a once a month type of deal. With this Pirate Sand Boat you can totally achieve this. Made of wood, the sturdy construction comes packed with step-by-step assembly instructions, so you don’t have to worry about putting it together. The Sand Boat has a couple of convenient storage compartments. You can keep the shovels, buckets and other sand tools toys. The steering wheel and impressive pirate-themed artwork will surely attract the kids’ attention for hours. The shady canopy will help when there’s a hot and sunny weather. It is 75.7 by 43.8 by 58.7 inches, large enough for a few children to play in it simultaneously.

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