Awesome Pirate Sandboat


How much fun can your kids have pretending to be pirates? You can find out by taking them to a theme park. But why not try and make it a permanent adventure, not just a once a month type of deal. With this Pirate Sand Boat you can totally achieve this. Made of wood, the sturdy construction comes packed with step-by-step assembly instructions, so you don’t have to worry about putting it together. The Sand Boat has a couple of convenient storage compartments. You can keep the shovels, buckets and other sand tools toys. The steering wheel and impressive pirate-themed artwork will surely attract the kids’ attention for hours. The shady canopy will help when there’s a hot and sunny weather. It is 75.7 by 43.8 by 58.7 inches, large enough for a few children to play in it simultaneously.

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