DIY Bright Thankful Pumpkin Home Decor

Since Halloween is over, we can now move on to creating fun projects for the fall season or for Thanksgiving! However, since we are getting into the busiest time of the year, you don’t want to be spending days upon days making a project. So, today I am going to be showing you how to create a simple fall/Thanksgiving Day inspired home décor piece which can be made in just 3 easy steps. The project I will be showing you how to make is called Bright Thankful Pumpkin Home Decor!

Now before we get into the project, I wanted to briefly mention a few things that you should think about before making this project. To begin with, this project is all about decorating pumpkins to spell out a specific word. Due to that, you will need to think about what word you want to choose since that will determine how many fake pumpkins you will need. For example, the word ”thankful” is 8 letters, which means you need 8 pumpkins. Second, you need to think about the size of your fake pumpkins. This is important because you want your pumpkins to fit into the space that you want to display them in. My suggestion is to choose a word that is less than 10 letters and to use mini pumpkins in this project.

So, to find out how to make your own Bright Thankful Pumpkin Home Decor, keep reading below!


  • 8 Fake Pumpkins
  • Wooden Letters that spell out the word ”Thankful”
  • DecoArt Americana Acyclic Paint
  • Foam Brush
  • Buttons Galore and More Autumn Petals (optional/not pictured)
  • Twine (optional/not pictured)
  • Hot Glue Gun + Glue Sticks (not pictured)
  • Scissors (not pictured)

Step 1: Paint each of your fake pumpkins and set them to the side to dry.

Step 2: Using your hot glue gun, glue on a wooden letter to your fake pumpkin.
Keep repeating this process with your other pumpkins.

Crafty Side Note: I painted my wooden letters an ”off-white” before I glued them onto my fake pumpkins. However, painting your wooden letters is an optional step.

Step 3: To add a little extra pizzazz to your pumpkins, tie on some brown twine around the stem of the pumpkin and hot glue a retro autumn flower to the top. Keep repeating this process with your other pumpkins.

Once all your pumpkins have been decorated, you are ready to display them!

As you may have noticed, I chose to paint my pumpkins in colors which are not ”traditional” for the fall season. Personally, I have always been a fan of those fall projects that are unique and don’t use traditional holiday/seasonal colors. In this case, I wanted to go with a 60’s or 70’s color scheme. However, since this project is so customizable, the possibilities of decorating your pumpkins are endless!

If you made this project, what word would you choose for your pumpkins?

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DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 401

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26 Christmas Presents For Mom. Time To Get Crafty

Gifts are more meaningful is they’re handmade because they are truly unique and, in the case of a DIY project, because they’re created and customized specifically with the recipient in mind. So what better way to show your appreciation for your mom this Christmas than with a handcrafted gift that you made just for her? As it’s often the case, it’s not about the cost or even about looks. The fact that you made the gift yourself will be priceless and all the imperfections will become symbols of love and beauty. All that being said, what could you gift a mom? Well, it depends on the mom but we have a few ideas that are hard to resist, no matter who your mom is.

Unless you have a very specific idea in mind that would be suited for your mom in particular, racking your brains trying to come up with something can turn out to only be a waste of time. We suggest choosing your Christmas presents for her based on something a bit more general. For instance, most moms bake delicious cakes and if yours is one of them then she’ll love a custom cake stand. Show her that she’s as sweet as the cakes she makes with a unique, handmade gift for which you only need a few simple supplies.

Snow globes are universally cute and charming and that makes them one of the best options when it comes to Christmas presents for mom. We’re not talking about the snow globes you find in stores but about one which you can craft yourself from scratch. It could be nice to put in an item that holds a special meaning for your mom although the very idea of a handmade snow globe could be enough to send the right message.

What about scented candles? They’re nice Christmas presents for girls in general and if your mom likes them you could use this opportunity to offer her some one-of-a-kind ones made with her favorite scents and colors. As it turns out, making striped Christmas candles is pretty easy. You just need some small glass jars, soy wax flakes, candle wicks, essential oils, crayon bits and glue.

For some reason, moms love plants and turn their homes into indoor gardens. If this sounds like something your mom would do, then check out these basket wall planters. They’re easy to make and you can make as many as you want, as little or as big as you want them to be. Go check out your mom’s collection of plants before you start to see which ones would be suited for these planters or which type of plants she likes so you know what to gift her.

Is your mom the practical type? Not everyone likes things that are purely decorative and, in that case, you need to adjust your strategy when picking Christmas presents. No worries though. There are plenty of useful things you can craft…like this wall organizer made out of mason jars, a wooden board and some leather straps. It looks chic and it can be used in lots of different ways and spaces. For instance, it can be added to the bathroom, the kitchen or the entryway.

A basket is lovely gift idea, especially if your mom likes to knit or if she has a hobby for which she needs a storage container. Of course, buying a basket is easy so you’ll have to make something special if you want it to really show your mom how much you love her. No need to go overboard with this. A simple stitched heart on the basket would be enough so go ahead and get some yarn and a needle. Throw some spools of yarn into the basket as well. After all, offering someone an empty basket is not exactly impressive.

We’re not the type to just assume things about people but chances are that your mom spends a bit of time in the kitchen, cooking delicious meals. She’ll definitely appreciate receiving some stylish pot holders as a Christmas present. It’s something so simple and so basic that you can’t really go wrong with it. To make something like this you’ll need fabric so perhaps you can find some in a pattern that your mom likes or in her favorite color.

Wall clocks…hardly anyone has them in their homes these days. It’s actually the fact that they’re not longer as useful as they used to be that makes them special nowadays which means they can also be cool gifts. Would your mom love a modern wall clock for her home? You could make her one out of wood and you could customize it in all sorts of nice ways.

Customized wooden utensils are lovely Christmas gifts and moms are the perfect subjects. There are various different ways in which you can make these. You can dip the handles in paint and you can also glue ornaments on them. It doesn’t have to be spoons or kitchen utensils. If your mom likes to paint, maybe you could gift her some brushes.

You can never have too many pillows, especially when they’re all special and meaningful in some way. What we’re trying to say is that you can pretty much be certain that your mom would appreciate getting a custom pillow as a gift, especially if it’s something you made or customized yourself. A simple tassel pillow would be a lovely idea. To make that, you’ll need a pillowcase, a pillow that fits inside, some colored yarn, a needle and thread.

Give your mom a stylish candle holder as a Christmas gift and she could use it as a table centerpiece for the winter holidays and then as a decoration for the shelf or mantel. You can make a candle holder out of a thick tree branch. You’ll need a drill and a suitable drill bit, tea lights, paint, sandpaper and some lacquer or polyurethane finish. It’s a very simple project and plenty of ways in which you can make it special just for your mom.

Here’s something else you could make for the Christmas family dinner, a gift which can then be reused lots of times: walnut veneer chargers. It may not sound like something special but we think that it’s the simple things that make life more beautiful and enjoyable. Curious what you’d need for such a project? Not much…just some walnut wood veneer, sandpaper, adhesive, some paint and a bit of lacquer. Of course, you’ll also need a saw to cut the veneer with.

For the modern mom that keeps up with the latest technological improvements, we suggest a custom-made iPad stand. You could make one out of copper pipes. This is actually something you could craft for yourself as well. Check out our tutorial to find the full list of supplies that you’ll need for this craft and keep in mind that you can always personalize your crafts so consider using some paint or making this gift special in a different manner.

What about something decorative? Surely your mom would love to have something to look at which can remind her of you. A tassel wall hanging decoration could be just the project you’re looking for. It’s easy to make and it’s the type of ornament which makes homes feel cozy, especially in winter. Here’s what you’ll need for this project: a wooden dowel, some chunky yarn, standard yarn, white yarn and scissors.

There are plenty of ways to mix looks with function, much like these glittered wine glasses do. A set of personalized glasses is a wonderful idea for a Christmas gift and someone your mom could share with those she loves. Of course, not everyone is a fan of glitter but you can replace it with simple paint if you prefer something less sparkly. If you want you could also tape to make a striped design.

Storage baskets are always practical and you can use this as inspiration for this year’s Christmas present for mom (or for someone else you hold special). Decorate the basket with colorful pom-poms made of yarn. You could make them in different colors and sizes and then cluster them all together at the front side of the basket using thin floral wire. Of course, you can choose to place them in a different manner. Think of this pom-pom basket as a source of inspiration.

You don’t need to know how to knit to make a planter cozy although this could be an opportunity to ask your mom to teach you the technique so you can make this from scratch. For now, let’s stick with the easier version: a sweater planter cover. To make it, you’ll need an old sweater, a pot (preferably a cylindrical one), a sewing machine (or a needle and thread) and pins. Don’t forget about the soil and the plant.

Offering someone a bunch of cork trivets may not seem like much but this is actually the type of gift that you get to appreciate every day simply because it’s so useful and practical. Still, you should make it special. After all, your mom is a very special person. Make the trivets yourself. Cut them out of cork sheets or a cork roll in whatever shape you want. You could, for instance, make some leaf-shaped cork trivets like these ones.

Terrariums are great gifts. They’re fun and easy to make and there’s an infinity of ways in which you can personalize them. How would you like to offer your mom one as a Christmas present. You have to put it all together yourself otherwise it wouldn’t hold any special meaning. You can put in a few pebbles, some soil and a small plant or you can decorate it with moss and tiny ornaments. You can also make a geometric wooden base for your terrarium.

Does your mom already have a jewelry stand? If she doesn’t, you could make one and give to her as a Christmas present. There’s a lovely copper pipe jewelry stand that we featured a while ago and it would be the perfect project for this occasion. It’s relatively easy to make and you can give it any shape you want or make it as big or as small as you want, depending on the size of your mom’s jewelry collection.

Not a fan of working with copper pipes? Then how about a tree branch jewelry holder? It’s an even easier project than the one before. The most important part is finding a suitable branch. It has to have the right size and shape. Clean it, pre-drill the holes for the screws and spray paint it. You can also decorate it with some colored yarn or with washi tape.

Since we started discussing jewelry holders, let’s check out one more. This time it’s something quite different than what we mentioned so far: a spice rack turned into a jewelry holder. The idea is ingenious and perhaps even perfect for the Christmas gift you had in mind. To make this, you’ll need a Bekvam spice rack from IKEA, some small hooks, spray paint and a drill.

We talked about some interesting ways in which you can customize a planter but what if you were to actually make the planters yourself? That could be a cool gift to impress your mom with. You could make some lovely geometric planters out of wood and they’d be great for air plants. start with some wooden blocks and a drill with a large drill bit. You’ll also need some sandpaper, a saw and some paint in various colors. Don’t forget the plants.

Coasters – another universally great gift which can be made special in tons of great ways. Check out these felt ball coasters. Aren’t they adorable and simply perfect as a Christmas present? To make one of these things you need 19 balls of wool felt, each 2 cm in diameter, some heavy-duty thread and a large needle. Mix and match various colors to create beautiful combos.

We can think of at least three ways in which you can make this gift special. We’re talking about an embroidered map. It’s a very personal gift which you can share with your mom or someone special this Christmas. You can personalize it with the locations that the person you’re offering this to visited over the years, with the route of a great vacation that they shared with you or with the route of a future vacation which you’re planning for her or the entire family some time in the future.

Another great way to show your mom how much she means to you is with handcrafted wall art, like a painting or a collage you made yourself. Need some inspiration with that? How about this pineapple wall art piece? It’s colorful, funky and pretty special. If pineapples aren’t exactly relevant in your case, look for other ideas which you can use to make something similar.

Right you probably have a pretty good of what your next Christmas gift for your mom will be so you should get all the supplies ready and start crafting. Make sure you make it look presentable when you’re done? Do you know how to wrap a gift or even how to make a bow? Surprisingly, there are many more options than you probably imagine so go ahead and check some. It doesn’t have to look perfect. Just like the gift, it should be all you.

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Thanksgiving Centerpieces starring White Pumpkins

With the Thanksgiving season approaching, you may have begun considering what your Thanksgiving table setup will be this year. If you’re hosting the meal, you likely could use a little inspiration for coming up with a beautiful, unique, and (perhaps above all) simple way to decorate the tablescape. Good news: Those sweet little white pumpkins can be your jumping-off point, and a gorgeous, inviting Thanksgiving centerpiece is not too far away.

In this article, you will see a step-by-step method of putting together a Thanksgiving centerpiece with white pumpkins. The first is a more rustic look, the second is more classic. Either way, you can choose from the collection of photos here what details suit you for your own style, space, and holiday experience. Enjoy.

Mini white pumpkins are readily available at this time of year, from farmers’ markets to grocery stores, you’re sure to find the sizes and shapes you love. These simple creamy beauties are a lovely centerpiece catalyst – white to lend a subtle elegance to the table, and warm enough to feel like fall.

Rustic Thanksgiving Centerpiece with White Pumpkins

The primary thing to remember about rustic Thanksgiving décor is, in a word, texture. Burlap provides a lovely loose-weave texture. There are a variety of color options available in burlap, but natural always lays a beautiful foundation.

Gather items throughout your house that resemble basket weave or grape vines. A woven cornucopia works beautifully on the Thanksgiving table.

If you can’t find baskets or woven items that you love, consider going outdoors and find a few of Mother Nature’s natural decorations – pinecones are at the top of this list. Make sure you wash them gently in hot water if you’re going to use them on your dining table.

Another genuinely natural decoration you can use on your Thanksgiving table is some wheat or grass tops. A few sparse tips can look wispy and sweet and lend your centerpiece a nice vertical touch; an armful of grass would look well out of a chunkier vase. Be sure to consider guests’ seasonal allergies with this.

As you’re shopping your house or looking around town for some odds and ends to fill in the gaps on your Thanksgiving centerpiece, you might consider gravitating toward slightly rusted pieces. In the center of the table, these (even real rust) lend an authentically rustic appeal.

You could stop there, with the texture and nature, and create a lovely rustic Thanksgiving centerpiece around the white pumpkins. And you could also look toward providing a little shine.

Something sparkly or shiny in the same color family as the rest of your rustic décor (e.g., this sequined craft pumpkin; or a gold spray-painted mini pumpkin) will go a long way in making the centerpiece look and feel more festive.

Last but not least, a subtle way to add variations on sheen is to incorporate some clear glass – a vase or two, or even a mirror that can be laid flat. These maintain the au natural color palette, but they add an element of shine that’s important for many when dining.

Now that you’ve gathered your items, it’s time to let the creativity kick in. Start with your tablecloth and/or table runner. In this case, a burlap runner over the plain table is the foundation of the rustic Thanksgiving centerpiece.

Following inspiration from this article about creatively decorating for fall with a simple white candle, choose something that will add a little height to your centerpiece. In this case, a clear glass apothecary with chunky white candle and small white beans starts us off.

Making sure the white pumpkins are an integral part of the centerpiece, they are arranged casually here, “spilling” out of the cornucopia.

Maintain balance by keeping the two larger decorating items (here, the cornucopia and apothecary) separated. Spread the use of white pumpkins throughout the centerpiece so they can be a connecting “theme.” If you live by the adage, “less is more,” you might be done here and now with your Thanksgiving centerpiece.

If you want a bit more, though, for your holiday feast, consider laying a mirror or other shiny object flat on the table. Take care to pair a shine with a texture to maintain balance. Particularly when the shine is reflective (like a mirror), and that reflection highlights texture, you’re getting quite a bang for your textural buck.

With the cornucopia and the pinecones together, there is a visual mass of natural texture that, while pretty, feels a little heavy. Break up such masses (even when the textures are different, they still read as the same) with something opposite. In this case, a sequined gold pumpkin.

In an effort to balance lights and darks across the length of the centerpiece, some white rusted wagon wheel cabinet pulls were grouped with the cornucopia, while pinecones are positioned more heavily on the side with white candle, white beans, and white pumpkin.

Another detail to consider is the balance of large and small, light and dark, and textured and smooth. These DIY acorns fit nicely into the centerpiece to fill in some white space gaps. Again, this is a preference thing – you could add more or take away items shown here to suit your tastes.

There’s something delicious, to me, about two pumpkins sitting side by side – one all blinged out, and the other woven out of grape vines. And, neighboring these, a genuine pinecone and an artificial acorn. I love the groupings of this.

The horn of plenty (cornucopia) is particularly fun to decorate, as it looks best when stuffed-to-overflowing.

And our mini white pumpkins are a perfect host for all the things. Natural, elegant, distinct, smooth, and perfectly proportioned to the centerpiece.

Some simple place settings will complete the rustic Thanksgiving centerpiece. Doesn’t it just feel like home?

Happy rustic, organic, earthy, modern Thanksgiving.

Simple White Thanksgiving Centerpiece with White Pumpkins

If you want to give your Thanksgiving table a little more classic and/or formal aesthetic, your white pumpkins will serve you well.

Setting the pumpkins on some sort of “mount” (like these super simple gold leaf marble hex trays) will make them look more formal and more elegant, without removing their autumnal soul.

A color scheme to give the centerpiece a more refined look is quite simple: white and gold.

Mix your white pumpkins in with the gold objects, like gold candlesticks. I’m telling you, these white pumpkins are incredibly versatile. They move well in any crowd.

If you have tapers on candlesticks, you’ll want to incorporate another object with some height (unless the candles are centered in the centerpiece). A large pitcher or vase will do the trick. If you have large white hydrangea blooms to fill in the top, that would be even better.

Similar to the rustic table decorating, don’t be afraid to intermix the pumpkins all the way through your white Thanksgiving centerpiece. They create the seam that binds the whole look together, even if the pieces themselves aren’t exactly compatible on their own right. (Or even if they are.)

Part 2: Symmetric White Thanksgiving Centerpiece

To be honest, there was something about that large, chunky, empty pitcher that didn’t speak to me for a more elegant Thanksgiving centerpiece. If you like the look, great – let it inspire you for this year’s feast.

Centering the tallest object, in this case the white taper candles, you can place objects and work your way outward. Use some sort of symmetrical variance – go from tallest to shortest, or most visually significant to least, or darkest to lightest, or something. But use this as a guideline; it doesn’t have to be too structured.

When you set the table for Thanksgiving with such a centerpiece, you might like simple, light settings…with a hint of gold.

These larger platter plates were found this year at a dollar store, and I like the structure they give the table.

While the centerpiece can set the stage and be a talking point, it’s really the company and love that makes Thanksgiving what it is.

But a beautiful Thanksgiving centerpiece goes to show your guests just how you feel about them, and it sets the meal apart as something special. And to think it all started with a few mini white pumpkins.

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The Comeback Of Pedestal Sinks Illustrated With Sophisticated Designs

When the pedestal sink first became popular, it was the most elegant and refined a sink could be and the design revolutionized bathrooms across the world. A while later the trend passed and a new look was preferred, followed by another and then another. We’ve now witnessing a renaissance of the freestanding sink, with modern and chic designs that reinvent the classic.

The design of the Ago85 sink is simple and fluid, featuring delicate lines and a seamless connection between the base and the basin. It’s a versatile sink capable of being the focal point of just about any modern or contemporary bathroom. It comes in a variety of beautiful colors. There’s also a marble version that shares the same design: Ago 185.

Antolini offers a wide range of gorgeous collections that make the most of what each material and finish has to offer. This is the Invisible Grey series and, as you can see, it’s exquisite.  Check out these magnificent freestanding sink and how elegant and sophisticated they look, blending simple forms and a careful selection of materials.

The Introverso series takes the pedestal sink to a whole new level. The inspiration for this design was the shape within the form. In other words, the design suggests that the elegant silhouette of this pedestal sink was hidden inside the marble block and needed to be revealed, much like a sculpture. The shape of the sink is outlined by a series of thin strips of marble.

These are the Toio and Bobo freestanding washbasins from Eto. They’re graceful and elegant without adopting a very thin silhouette. They’re capable both of standing out and of blending in. Their minimalism gives them character and makes them extra charming. The designs are a harmonious blend of grace and uncomplicated charm.

How about a little bit of drama in the bathroom? The Moloco is both a sink and a sculpture and we can’t decide which function suits it better.  Some well-placed ambient lighting can enhance the design even more and even give it a dramatic allure. Paired with the right fixture, it can look amazing.

Freestanding sinks are making a great comeback right now and with designs like this one from Casabath you can’t really go wrong. It’s not just the overall simplicity of the design that makes this a beautiful piece but also the delicacy and softness of the lines and edges. You can pair it with floor- or wall-mounted faucets.

The Small Desco pedestal sink designed by Vittorio Longheu stands out and that’s mostly due to its unusual form which combines a cylindrical base and a flat circular top, like a rim which extends to offer space for toiletries and for the faucet. The sink is entirely made of marble.

This freestanding sink is part of the Lariana series designed by Patricia Urquiola. The collection is defined by straight and simple lines combined with soft curves and delicate silhouettes. These contrasting elements complement each other and contribute to designs that are visually striking but also highly practical and functional.

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Latest Industrial Lighting Designs Add Edginess to Decor

A little old-fashioned, a little edgy and definitely interesting — industrial style home decor is really hot because it can work with existing decor rather easily if chosen carefully. Depending on the individual characteristics of a piece, it could be included in rooms that are rustic, urban chic, country, modern or contemporary. Lighting is a great way to add something industrial to your space, and we have a variety of examples to get you thinking about what might work in your home.

The dark-colored domes feel less like salvage and more like stylish vintage.Metal is common in industrial pieces but wood is used less frequently.Pipe elbows and the spigot are both important elements in these lamps.The matte metal finish is a nice contrast to the clear glass and lends an aged appearance.

Metal mesh is a common component of industrial lighting fixtures like this one from Cyan Design. The Byzantine Pendant in graphite has enough of an aged finish that it looks like it might be a hand-crafted salvage piece. Hang it over a dining table for an industrial flair, with a bit of a farmhouse feel.

The matte finish on many industrial fixtures makes them easy to mix and match.
The matte finish on many industrial fixtures makes them easy to mix and match.

With a little rougher industrial look, this pendant from Four Hands adds an edge to a dining area. This is mainly thanks to the style of mesh and the more minimalist frame of wire circles that make up the shade. Retro LED bulbs give it an old-fashioned factory feel.  In fact, we’d say that this has a rather masculine bearing.

The pendant would look nice hung as a trio.
The pendant would look nice hung as a trio.

Some industrial fixtures have a definite steampunk vibe. Nick Alain, artist and industrial designer, is well-known for his stunning luxurious home furnishings and decor that have a definite industrial edge. This chandelier is a great example because it incorporates glass, crystal, weathered metal, and retro bulbs into a jaw-dropping fixture.

This type of industrial lighting works with luxury interiors.
This type of industrial lighting works with luxury interiors.

Retro style clear glass shades, reminiscent of old factory lighting, add an industrial touch that can be used in a wide variety of decor styles. In general, these are almost a “neutral” style of lighting fixture, because they provide just enough flavor without marking a whole space as “industrial.”

Glass shades are reminiscent of time gone by.
Glass shades are reminiscent of time gone by.

This unusual fixture is more like an industrial sculpture. A square “chandelier” from Revelation by Uttermost is basically a square of rough-hewn wood with industrial bulbs looped around it at random. Named the Pennsylvania Station, it also features a heavy chain and dark bronze metal accents.  It falls somewhere between industrial and rustic and certainly makes a grand statement piece.

The lights on individual cloth-covered cords can be draped at different lengths.
The lights on individual cloth-covered cords can be draped at different lengths.
The fixture is also available in a smaller rectangular shape made of a single wood piece.
The fixture is also available in a smaller rectangular shape made of a single wood piece.

Mercana’s assorted old-world industrial style pendants can be hung alone or in a dramatic grouping. The brass domes, often combined with a cage over the retro LED light bulb, look like vintage fixtures straight from the factory floor. The glow created inside the dome casts a warm light over the space, giving the room a homey feeling.

This grouping includes the Dawson, Tahlia and Zaio pendants.
This grouping includes the Dawson, Tahlia and Zaio pendants.

A little less old world and a bit more retro industrial, the Jefferson pendant from Light & Living comes in different finishes, depending on how much of an aged patina you want. Totally aged metal or a combination of a shiny base and matte dome create a different style of industrial light fixture. Several of these over an island or dining table would make a stunning industrial addition.

The dark-colored domes feel less like salvage and more like stylish vintage.
The dark-colored domes feel less like salvage and more like stylish vintage.

Choosing a single fixture with multiple shades in a shiny metal provides an industrial vibe but also feels very modern. Depending on the decor in the rest of the room, this one from HT&D could be nice over a farmhouse table in a country chic kitchen. Or, just play it completely industrial with artwork like the print on the wall along with other edgy furnishings.

Fans of wood will like Mercana’s pendant which gets the industrial treatment with a cage-like fixture over the base of the fixture. It’s a small pendant with a big impact, especially if grouped together. Rarely can you find an industrial style lighting fixture that incorporates warm wood like this one does. Moreover, it is a subtle touch that’s great for those who don’t want a strong industrial influence in a room.

The brass base and honeyed hue of the wood go together nicely.
The brass base and honeyed hue of the wood go together nicely.

Rugged and rustic, this table lamp looks as if it was crafted from salvaged wood, with its three hemisphere-shaped cut-outs. Although it is distinctly rustic, the lamp is far from delicate with its hefty shape and style, putting it into the industrial camp. From Dovetail, the round Edison bulbs play up the feeling of a factory leftover.

This is very masculine and its heft could stand up to a very edgy design style.
This is very masculine and its heft could stand up to a very edgy design style.

A more refined industrial table lamp from Four Hands features retro glass shades. The style of the support arms in combination with the clear shades makes it feel like it came from a factory, as you can almost image people working by the light of this lamp. It’s a wonderful fixture for a bedroom or living room.

The matte metal finish is a nice contrast to the clear glass and lends an aged appearance.
The matte metal finish is a nice contrast to the clear glass and lends an aged appearance.

Some industrial fixtures have features that are borrowed from other vintage items. A table lamp from Go Home incorporates a spotlight style piece atop an old-fashioned accordion extender. Although the metal is bright and shiny, the industrial shapes of the base and light ensure that it has a vintage feeling.

Distinctive vintage parts make this table lamp a unique fixture.
Distinctive vintage parts make this table lamp a unique fixture.

IMAX has a similar design that is clearly topped off with a theater-style spotlight, complete with adjustable flaps to specifically direct the light. Two accordion extenders support the light and the entire fixture sports a black finish, giving it a technical vibe.

An all-black finish makes this more contemporary.
An all-black finish makes this more contemporary.

Lights under a cloche are absolutely wonderful additions to any room and when retro bulbs are used, they have an industrial edge and a vintage look. HT&D’s single and multi-bulb cloches would really work well with a steampunk style room as well. They are elegant with a gothic touch and this can really amp up a room.

These stylish lamps provide warm mood lighting rather than bright task lighting.
These stylish lamps provide warm mood lighting rather than bright task lighting.

Cage-style shades are definitely industrial elements because they are reminiscent of the safety cages that go over factory equipment to prevent mishaps. This table lamp from HT&D combines the shade with a tripod base a long retro bulb. This all comes together in an old-time light fixture that could also work with a farmhouse chic style of decor.

This has a retro feeling thanks to the various elements.
This has a retro feeling thanks to the various elements.
Palecek's black lamps use the cage element in place of traditional shades.
Palecek’s black lamps use the cage element in place of traditional shades.

This table lamp is an industrial twist on a traditional style. The top may be a standard drum shade but the base is an old fan in a vintage cage. The matte metal finish and weathered fan blades add a retro accent to either industrial or even traditional decor. It’s a touch of whimsy that can lighten the mood of more mundane traditional decor.

This also works in a space with an industrial vibe.
This also works in a space with an industrial vibe.

A gooseneck lamp is a classic and Mercana has transformed the style into a unique version. It’s also a bit rustic thanks to the wooden arm and wing nut details. A metal base and shade are what give it the industrial edge. As shown here, it pairs well with antique items but would also fit with more urban decor style.

Metal is common in industrial pieces but wood is used less frequently.
Metal is common in industrial pieces but wood is used less frequently.

One of the most common ways to inject some industrial style into decor is by using metal pipes. These are often used in bathrooms as towel racks or in furnishings as supports, but here, Zuo has transformed them into stylish lighting. The first one is the Pastelite Table Lamp, which features two turquoise glass tubes that extend from the elbowed brass piping. The shape of the glass is really different and the small bulbs inside lend it a different visual appeal. The two single lamps are the Aberine  — similar to the Pastelite because of the spigot detail — and Basanite table lamp.

The glass adds to the novel appeal of this industrial fixture.
The glass adds to the novel appeal of this industrial fixture.
Pipe elbows and the spigot are both important elements in these lamps.
Pipe elbows and the spigot are both important elements in these lamps.

As we said, lighting is a really great way to add an industrial element to your decor. It can be a small fixture that adds interest or you can go for a large statement-making chandelier. Either is an easy option for sampling this hot decor trend in your own home. Which fixtures do you like the most?

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A sophisticated stormwater system elevates Philadelphia’s Girard Avenue interchange.


Around the world, cities are demolishing, burying, or capping their elevated freeways, but an interstate in Philadelphia provides a possible alternative—one in which the highway stays up but connectivity, open space, and water quality are still prized. In redesigning three miles of Interstate 95 north of Center City Philadelphia, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation planned 27 acres of park and open space, and the first phase of the $1 billion project, due for completion by 2027, incorporates examples of green infrastructure. According to AECOM, the prime consultant on the project, landscape design and green infrastructure accounted for between 5 and 7 percent of the first phase’s total budget.

At the Girard Avenue Interchange, I-95 runs parallel to the Delaware River two blocks away. Rather than whisking stormwater runoff directly into the river, overtaxing an already burdened municipal system, or funneling a deluge into a rock pit, AECOM and other experts devised a treatment scheme of basins, weirs, bioswales, and rain gardens. Ten planted acres can capture the first inch of runoff from about 50 acres of road surface. “The water design actually improves the water table,” says Christian Lynn, ASLA, a landscape architect at AECOM.

Water resource engineer Edwina Lam, also with AECOM, explains, “Water hitting the pavement runs to a gutter line and then through a drainage system to surface-street level, where it is collected in a bioswale or rain garden. We’ve built an outlet structure for a hundred-year storm.” Water not absorbed by the ground or plants goes through filtration before entering conduits that take the cleaned water to the river; weirs control water volume. The design is meant to capture water so that it doesn’t overload the city water drainage system. “The two systems are separate,” Lam says. “The city is already managing household and commercial wastewater.”

Plantings are also “meant to be placemaking,” Lynn says. “They make the underneath spaces more engaging and soften the edges.” Reconfigured entrance and exit ramps for the interchange increased the distance between highway touch-down points, expanding areas of natural light as well as pedestrian access. Still, nearly 70 percent of the open space lies under the deck, so the team conducted a sun/shade analysis and then mapped planting zones before choosing a plant palette that includes species able to withstand low light. Lynn also considered tolerance for salt, pollution, stormwater, and other urban conditions. For the planted areas, AECOM brought in a highly porous soil mix with amendments that will absorb and dissipate pollutants to protect the nearby river.

Residents, in whose back or front yards this transformation is unfolding, have had a voice and a vote in many decisions, with computer models to help them imagine the changes. Already, some residents are taking ownership of the spaces, posting pictures of butterflies in flower beds and hanging bird feeders in the young trees, which the designers and engineers take as measures of success. More official gauges are coming from several university research projects: Graduate students at Villanova University and Temple University are tracking plant health and water volumes and monitoring weather.

Coffee Tables And Stool Sets That Guests Are Always Grateful For

Why would you need stools around the coffee table when you have a big sofa and comfortable armchairs in your living room? Well, actually it’s not that simple. People want to be face to face when they talk to each other and guests find it convenient to just pull out a stool and place it wherever they want in the room, not to mention that you might actually need those extra coffee table stools when large groups are visiting. Just think of them as practical extra seats, great for guests and practical for playing board games around the coffee table. For all these reasons, we find coffee tables with stools to be the perfect combination of versatility, functionality and space-efficiency.

There aren’t that many coffee table and stool sets to choose from compared to individual pieces but there are definitely some nice ones to consider. One is the Eastin 5 piece set which includes a coffee table and four upholstered stools. Like all the other sets what we’re about to show you, this one stores the stools under the table when not needed, saving space and maintaining a clutter-free decor. The design is simple, elegant and with a hint of traditional. The beveled glass top is removable.

The Jane set is very similar to the one we just showed you. The main difference is in the design of the coffee table which has a solid wood top and no glass inserts. The stools, four in total, are upholstered in dark brown leather and have solid wood bases that can double as shelves, forming storage compartments for each of the guests. A set like this is perfect if you’re the type that likes to have dinner in the living room or to entertain large groups of guests.

Let’s change the tone a bit with a coffee table that has a rectangular top. It has its own set of practical little stools that fit neatly underneath. The stools have triangle-shaped seats upholstered in leather and the table has an X-shaped base and a wooden frame complemented by a glass top. The 3219 series table only comes with two stools but you can definitely add more if needed.

Right now you’re probably wondering if there are any rectangular coffee table and stool sets that offer four seats instead of the two we just saw. Obviously there are and we’re prepared to show you a few examples, such as the Calla set. This one is ideal for casual entertaining or for large families. It’s comprised of a rectangular-top coffee table and four cube-shaped ottomans that can be neatly tucked underneath the four corners of the table. They’re made of wood and have contemporary designs. In addition, the ottomans have removable tops which reveal secret storage inside each one of them.

We’ve seen a few simple designs, both modern and traditional, so how about something a bit more ornate? We have the perfect set to show you. It’s the Mother of Pearl cocktail table and the four stools that accompany it. The table has a round top, detailed with hand-painted Chinese maiden figures. The four stools have matching frames and seats  decorated with hand-painted scenery motifs.

Let’s get back to more modern designs, since that’s what most of us are interested in. The Hayes coffee table and stool set is just what a modern living room needs. The table features this sculptural, black base with an unusual form that makes perfect sense when the four little ottomans take their place under the clear glass top. There are two shelves, one on each side of the table,  which are perfect for displaying and storing things like books, small planters, remote controls, etc.

All the coffee table and stool sets we showed you offer more or less the same advantages and only one question remains: how will any of them look like in your living room? That’s obviously up to you to decide. All we can do is offer suggestions and show you how others have integrated similar sets into their own living rooms, like this one for example. What we love about it is the contrast between the thin frame of the coffee table and the full and bulky nature of the stools.

Most of the time there’s no need for the extra stools and they can be neatly stored under the table, as shown here. The L-shaped sofa and stylish Eames lounge chair and ottoman are more than enough.

It’s important to take into consideration the space that the stools can potentially occupy when they’re actually used. Make sure there’s enough room for them in the living room or otherwise there’s no point in even having them. As you can see, there’s plenty of room for the stools in this living room and the two white sofas keep the decor from becoming too cluttered visually.

A bunch of stools or mini ottomans clustered under the coffee table can make a small living room feel even smaller. In that case, look for ways to avoid such an effect. One idea is to opt for a table that has a clear glass top or to somehow match the stools to other elements in the room. In this particular decor, the ottomans have the same color as the fireplace setting.

The whole point in having extra stools under the coffee table is to make your guests feel comfortable so you might as well opt for upholstered stools or ottomans, much like these ones. They’re in sync with the cozy theme of the living room and they complement not only the coffee table but also the sofa and even the headboard-like panel behind it.

Most of the sets we showed you come with four stools but that’s obviously not your only option. It’s possible to opt for fewer stools or even for more if needed. Check out this simple coffee table which can fit no less than eight comfortable ottomans under its top. You can have your custom made according to your specific needs.

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A Shipping Container Office Building Captures The Essence Of Its Community

In 2016 a competition was held in Lagos, Nigeria. The goal was to find a suitable design for an office building. The clients were a group of software developers and system architects from the African Fintech Foundry. The winner was the WOE + Art Architecture studio who came up with a design that used shipping containers. That design was materialized in 2017 and this is the building that was created.

The design of the building was chosen as a result of a competition held in 2016
The design of the building was chosen as a result of a competition held in 2016
The exterior design of the building is similar to that of the interior in many ways
The exterior design of the building is similar to that of the interior in many ways

The design of the building was guided by a series of requests from the clients. They wanted this to be a co-working space, an office building with a contemporary and stimulating design and structure. Another requirement was for the building to be easily deployable and to offer a feeling of non-permanence. The architects offered the perfect solution: a structure made of containers. The containers are stacked and connected and they form a series of overhangs and small platforms and terraces, giving the building a dynamic look.

There are numerous small terraces on various levels. They give the building a dynamic look
There are numerous small terraces on various levels. They give the building a dynamic look
The interior is organized into several areas using glass walls that let the light travel through them
The interior is organized into several areas using glass walls that let the light travel through them

The entire project was executed in only three months. That was possible by using locally-sourced shipping containers which were repurposed and transformed into modules for a compact and space-efficient building with a total usable area of 550 square meters. The interior is organized into a series of workspaces and meeting rooms arranged around a central triple-height atrium that acts as a circulation area.

At the center of the structure there's a triple-height atrium with a skylight
At the center of the structure there’s a triple-height atrium with a skylight
The skylight brings natural light into the building and the staircase lets it brighten all the floors
The skylight brings natural light into the building and the staircase lets it brighten all the floors

A yellow staircase is placed at the core of the whole structure. The yellow is symbolic, being the same nuance featured on the Lagos buses and public taxis. This distinctive color tone cheers up the office and gives it a unique identity and lots of character. In addition, yellow looks great as an accent color when paired with gray which happens to be the primary tone in this case.

The staircase is yellow, a color that's symbolic for the city the structure is located in
The staircase is yellow, a color that’s symbolic for the city the structure is located in
The glass walls let the light from the skylight enter the individual offices and meeting rooms
The glass walls let the light from the skylight enter the individual offices and meeting rooms

The interior is a collection is light and dark gray spaces with glass walls and partitions and minimalist designs. They’re meant to facilitate the interaction between co-workers, teamwork and innovation through collaboration. It’s a design direction chosen by many modern office spaces and the individual strategies used each time are adapted to reflect the company and the individuals that work there. In this case, the building is also an inspiring project for the community so its role goes beyond the company.

The yellow of the staircase brightens up the whole building and gives it a cheerful vibe
The yellow of the staircase brightens up the whole building and gives it a cheerful vibe

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Modern Rocking Chairs – Where Innovation Meets Tradition

For a long time the rocking chair has been associated with that image of a cute grandma slowly swinging back and forth on the porch, with a knitting basket next to her and a sleepy cat in her lap. We’re gradually making the transition from a familiar design to that of a modern rocking chair that reinvents a classic. A bunch of gorgeous reinterpretations of the rustic rocking chair are already on the market and more will follow. This is no longer a piece of furniture destined for cozy yet old homes but instead meant to be successfully added to modern and contemporary decors.

Did you ever think that a rocking chair could be folded for easy storage and transport? It’s not an idea associated with this furniture piece, at least not until recently. A young designer by the name of Anker Bak attempted to change our perception of what a rocking chair should be by creating a minimalist and, most importably, foldable version of the piece in collaboration with Carl Hansen & Son.

The Yvetta rocking chair is also a minimalist interpretation of a traditional concept. This is a modern rocking chair that has a frame made of locally-sourced solid beech and a one-piece seat that’s attached to the legs with the help of two wooden screw pegs.

If you ever wished a rocking chair was bigger so two persons could fit on it, this is the design that makes it all come true. The simple design of the Gillespie rocking chair is definitely elegant but it’s something else that makes this piece special: the fact that it comes in two sizes, one of which is big enough for two.

The Rocking Knit takes rocking and knitting to a whole new level by combining them in a unique and unusual way. This is rocking chair with a built-in mechanism that actually knits a beanie for the user, as it swings back and forth. It’s a pretty cool idea and one that definitely has what it takes to make this a very quirky and interesting piece. It was a project by two Ecal students for the ”low-tech factory” exhibition.

The Great Egret chair was shaped by studio sayar & garibeh, the goal being to give it a refined and graceful appearance inspired by the bird with the same name. Its base is made of metal and its thin construction contrasts with the seat’s elongated form that mimics two wings.

A rocking chair without legs…that’s quite unusual and definitely very interesting. But how would such a design work? The Fedro woven outdoor rocking chair shows us. This is a chair designed by Lorenza Bozzoli for Dedon. It’s basically a chair seat without legs which lets the user balance and move using the arms and legs. The shape of the seat has been adapted to be more similar to a lounge chair for increased comfort.

It weighs around 30 kg and has a base and frame made of carbon-fiber reinforced concrete. That’s makes the Swing rocking chair unusual to say the least. Obviously, it would be practical to pick a permanent spot for the chair given how heavy it is. Don’t worry about the floor though because the base is covered with a sheet of leather. This was a limited edition design of only 100 pieces.


The Unam rocker is also a modern reinterpretation of the classical rocking chair but with more familiar details. It has arched legs and armrests and a very cozy and friendly-lookking frame made of wood. All the rounded edges and the lack of sharp lines and angles make this a very comfortable-looking piece. What we also like about it is the combination of simple wooden elements and a woven back and upholstered seat.

The inspiration for the Cala rocking chair comes from an interesting source: suspended bridges. The chair’s frame is a system of stainless steel rods that ensure maximum comfort and stability as the tension in them changes. Visually, the chair has a very sculptural and graphical look with a bit of industrial character.

Some classic designs are so beautiful and their timeless elegance is so powerful that they never really go out of style. The chairs designed by Charles and Ray Eames usually fit into this category. A particularly interesting example is the chair known as RAR or Rocking Armchair Rod Base. It’s a classic plastic chair set on wooden runners.

This is the Cleat Knockdown Chair, a modern rocking chair designed by Tom Chung who found inspiration for its form and general design in the harbors of Vancouver and Stockholm. The chair’s frame is made of solid birch and the components are connected using rope.

This is a piece that was presented at the 2017 Salone del Mobile edition. Designed by Christophe Pillet, the Summerset Rocking Armchair is simple-looking, refined and elegant, featuring a very slick steel grid frame and a wooden base. It was designed specifically for outdoor use, with a special protective treatment that allows it to be used near pools and water in general.

Meet Nana, a rocking chair with a design inspired by the timeless Eames Lounge Chair. It’s a very special piece created by Alegre Design Studio and its design is simple, refined, modern and very elegant. It’s a perfect nursery rocking chair thanks to its specially shaped seat and shell and the base which ensures a gentle rocking motion that soothes and relaxes its users.

Kids like rocking chairs too. In fact, they find them very fun, even those that are too big to be comfortable for them. The AMM Rocker is a chair designed specifically with kids in mind. It’s small, lightweight and comfortable and its design is casual without being too childish, combining a wooden frame and a seat and backrest made of woven strips of organic felt.

This rocking chair has a design inspired by the fashion industry. It’s the creation of Brendan Gallagher and combines a solid walnut frame and an upholstered seat. The interesting part is how these elements are connected. The seat is attached to two wire mech panels that fill the two halves of the wooden frame.

The design of the Double Position chair is simply mesmerizing. This exquisite piece designed by Alex Petunin is made of wood and has a very fluid and organic form, with three cut out holes in their frame that reveal a colorful painted interior. The cool thing about this piece is that it comes with two small and colorful legs, one of which can be removed in order to transform the piece into a rocking chair, allowing free movement.

A lot of people enjoy and value their privacy, especially in open or shared environments. It’s for this type of people and spaces that Kyle Fleet designed the Private Rocker. This is a modern rocking chair with a high backrest and side panels that wrap around the seat forming a shell. Only the front is open. You can pair the rocking chair with an ottoman for an even more comfortable experience.

“What is this beautiful and abstract sculpture?” you might wonder…and the answer to that question is an unexpected one: a rocking chair. Unlike other similar products which frame a sled base or curved legs and a separate seat, this one has a continuous and fluid form, as if it was carved from a piece block of wood. it’s called the Ocean Rocker III and it’s meant to be simple, exquisite and an homage to the pure and rich beauty of the material from which it’s made.

The First Rocking Chair designed by Fien Muller and Hannes Van Severen is a hybrid that combines the pure and straightforward simplicity of industrial design with the breezy and casual nature of a beach cottage. It features a slender metal frame with a curved base and a fabric seat available in bright and cheerful colors.

Speaking of hybrid designs, the Camila rocking chair is also an interesting case. Its design is a combination of old and new, a mixture of traditional elements adapted to suit a modern environment. It’s been stripped of all unnecessary elements in order to ensure a simple and pure design that emphasizes the materials, forms and textures used.

The GT rocker is a combination between a lounge chair and a rocking chair. Its design includes a powder-coated solid steel frame with felt stripes on the bottom for protection when used on hardwood floors. The frame holds three cushions panels that make up the seat and backrest. The fabric upholstery is available in four colors.

Some designers take things on a whole new level and reinvent a piece of furniture up to the point where it becomes something else. The Racer Rocking Chair could be one such example. This is a modern rocking chair that’s made of 100% recycled plastic and its design is meant to mimic the look of vintage racing cars, hence the color options and the stripes but most importantly the open storage trunk in the back.

Other times designers choose to keep alive the character of the classic piece that inspired their new and unique creations. For instance, the Rex Rocking Chair is a piece that transitions from traditional to modern without extensive modifications to the design and character of the original concept. Its design is elegant and stylish as well as very versatile.

The classic Adironback Chair that we know and love also comes in a rocking version. The transition from lounge chair to rocking chair was simple given the already laid back and relaxing nature of the design. The main difference between the two versions is the base which, in this case, curves gently and complements the rest of the frame seamlessly.

Believe it or not, the Lookout Mountain Rocker was continuously produced for more than 30 years. This shows the timeless nature of its design and its ability to adapt and to enver go out of style, no matter how many trends have come and passed over the years. This rocking chair has a wooden frameand fully suspended seat and back covered in hand stretched saddle leather.


Sometimes a designer finds a way to completely refresh a furniture piece by changing a single basic thing about it, like Tomáš Vacek who offered us a new way of looking at the rustic rocking chair. Taken separately, both the ash wood frame and the numerous willow branches that fill its seat and backrest are not impressive or interesting but put them together and suddenly they make a mind-blowing duo. The result is the Haluz Rocking Chair.

Could a chair made of concrete be comfortable, practical and good-looking? The Hauteville Rocking Chair can answer all those questions. Its design draws inspiration from mid-century pieces, being updated for a modern environment. The chair is built with rebar legs, plywood runners and a concrete shell and the result is an industrial piece with an unpolished look that somehow manages to be stylish and refined.

There’s so much we like about the Mamulengo Rocking Chair that we don’t even know where to start from. The sculptural form of the chair is exquisite and the attention to detail but, most importantly, the idea at the base of the whole piece is so clever and so simple that it makes one wonder why it hasn’t been explored before. Designed by Eduardo Baroni, this chair is made of ivory plywood slices which seem to perfectly capture the rocking motion in freeze frame.

There are numerous ways of blending together the old and the new and the beauty of a design often lies in the way in which the styles interact with each other. Let’s analyze this rocking chair for example. La Norestense is a piece that puts together a thin and slender metal frame and a shell that’s available in two versions: perforated steel mesh and weaved palm fabric, the latter being created by skilled craftsmen using natural fibers. The beauty of the design lies in the contrast between these elements.

Two contrasting and very different materials, stainless steel and plywood, are harmoniously paired in a design that’s as elegant as it is simple. This is the Buttercup Rocker, a modern rocking chair that’s small in size and big in style. Its base is available in brushed stainless steel or powder-coated steel and the seat and back form a beautiful shell made of bent plywood.

This is the Comeback Rocking Chair designed by Patricia Urquiola. It may not look that different from the old-school rocking chair grandmas used to love but if you look closer you’ll notice a bunch of details that make this piece stand out. It’s not just the architecture of the chair but also the combination of materials used, more exactly the pairing of plastic and wood.

Cornelia is the type of modern rocking chair that was built on the framework of the rustic piece we’re all familiar with without making any drastic changes regarding the form and structure all while visibly updating the entire design. It became available in 2014 and it’s designed by Giorgio Cattelan.

This is Piña, a rocking chair designed by Jaime Hayón. It’s a chic and stylish piece of furniture with a frame made of steel and two rockers made of solid ash wood which can either feature a natural or painted finish. The seat and back cushions are available with removable covers in fabric or leather.

The rocking chair in the Square series, like all the other pieces in the collection, has a simple frame in teak wood and comfortable seat and back cushions in polyurethane and polyester fibre. The standard cushions are not waterproof so even this is an excellent chair for outdoor use, it needs to sit in protected areas.

Nature is an infinite source of inspiration and the Elephant chair is one of the creations that showcase its beauty. The rocking chair was designed by Neuland studio and puts together a metal frame with a wooden base with a raw, natural finish and a seat shell in hard polyurethane. The design has a bit of Nordic charm without entirely falling into this category.

The Apelle rocking chair impresses with its sinuous and simple lines and the way it embraces its users, enveloping them in a delicate and comfortable way. The design is both classic and modern, the chair being built with a steel frame and a leather seat shell. It’s part of a collection that also includes armchairs, lounge chairs, stools and matching tables.

A lot of classic and consecrated armchairs and lounge chairs have been adapted and rocking versions of them have been created. The 500-series shell chairs designed by Geoffrey D. Harcourt are a good example. This is one of them with a rocker base. It’s incredibly comfortable and ideal for relaxing and lounging. 

This is Tesa, a slender-looking rocking chair designed by Salih Teskeredžić. It’s infused with Nordic beauty and simplicity and puts an emphasis on the natural qualities and characteristics of the wood. There’s no back cushion, only a woven seat and the frame has a continuous and fluid form.

Technically, this is not a rocking chair per se since you can’t really rock back and forth. There are, however, a few similarities between this chair and the rest of the pieces from the Stresemann collection. Their designs are inspired by the forms of aircraft wings. The frame has a very airy appearance while the seat and backrest provide maximum comfort and the armrests add a touch of style.

NAP is a rocking chair with a casual and laid back look that also manages to be elegant at the same time. The rocking base combined with the soft and comfortable upholstery make this a perfect piece for reading corners but also for balconies, terraces, living spaces and pretty much any area with a nice view or a relaxing ambiance.

Called Mbrace, this modern rocking chair features a beautiful wingback design and a very comfortable seat that embraces the user and ensures a cozy and friendly experience. The frame of the chair is made of aluminum and the base which is the only visible part is made of wood.

Unlike other rocking chairs, the Vis à vis has a very subtly curved base which makes this look rather like a club chair or just a regular outdoor armchair. The rocking motion is a very pleasant surprise. The wooden frame is almost entirely visible thanks to the woven seat and backrest design.

It’s often the little things that make a design special. Take the Nub chair for example. It looks interesting and stylish and this is an impression given by the harmony between all the elements including the rocker base, the slender metal legs and of course the curved backrest which features these thin, sculpted wooden rods that complement each other perfectly.

The design of the J.J. rocking chair is lightweight and airy and it’s all thanks to the choice of materials. The frame is a combination of steel rods and wooden rockers. Although the design has a visible traditional influence, the overall look is a modern one.

Linearity and simplicity are two important characteristics of the Landscape rocking chair. But the chair is not designed this way simply for aesthetic reasons. This is also a practical design meant to offer natural ventilation and to protect against rain and wind, all while being comfortable and good-looking.

If this looks a lot like a rustic rocking chair, the type grandmas used to love, that’s because it was designed in 1944. This is Wegner’s rocker and its design was visibly influences by Windsor and Shaker furniture. We like its simplicity, high back and nostalgic appearance.

No matter how you look at it and what color you choose, this chair looks like a Stingray. That’s only natural since that’s actually its name. It was shaped after the poetic and elegant form of the marine animal and its shell is created using a 3D veneer press. It’s then upholstered in leather in the same color as the slender metal base.

The unusual and intriguing design of the Cowrie Rocker was inspired by seashells. This is actually a combination between a rocker and a lounge chair. Its design is minimalist, eye-catching and sophisticated and can easily fit in just about any contemporary interior decor. The entire piece is made from a single sheet of plywood.

This is not a rocking chair but a rocking chaise longue. It’s the 837 Canapo by Franco Albini. Its frame is made of solid ash wood and walnut with polyurethane cushioning and fabric or leather upholstery. the elements are connected with cords.

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