Your Weekly Horoscope by Tracy Allen –January 21-27

Your Weekly Horoscope by Tracy Allen –January 21-27

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January 20–February 18

The week starts off with a Mars-Saturn dustup that can make you your own worst enemy when it comes to standing up for what you think. Private doubts and fears can undercut your assertiveness, and even if you’re the one getting in your way, you might feel irritable. That’s bound to come across in conversations, so take your emotional temperature before you wind up in a testy debate. Thankfully, Mars vibes with Jupiter in your humanity zone late in the week, bringing tons of luck to networking and other group communication and activities. Whether you want to make new friends or rally the troops, take the lead and your initiative should pay off. Venus is also vibing with Jupiter this week, which bodes well for your social life! You could travel with your crew, enjoy an epic GNO or meet a wide variety of people when you go out. “The more the merrier” is definitely your motto now. And you won’t be a quiet bystander after Mercury arrives in Aquarius, giving you the gift of gab! Not only can you express your POV well, but you could also make a few personal decisions in the next couple of weeks.



February 19–March 20

You can’t expect others to cosign when you act in your own best interests early in the week. Take-charge Mars in your worth house has a standoff with stalwart Saturn in your people sector, so if you push, you’ll only hit a brick wall — especially where money, possessions and other resources are concerned. Your instinct now is to do what’s necessary to secure what you need, but if you need the stamp of approval from a group, you better make sure you’ve covered all your bases. Late in the week, Mars schmoozes Jupiter in your ambition angle, and that’s when you’re more likely to hit pay dirt. Lobby for a promotion and raise or put your talents to excellent use and watch the praise roll in. With the right strategic move, you can make major headway in your career during this transit. And since Venus is also sidling up to Jupiter, you may have a chance to charm the socks off a bigwig or make a positive impression on a bigger stage than you’re used to. After Mercury ducks into your retreat corner, you’ll be keeping your own counsel for a couple of weeks and might want alone time to do some thinking.



March 21–April 19

A spat between Mars in Aries and Saturn in your authority angle at the beginning of the week reminds you that you can’t fight city hall, so don’t try to buck the system. Do your best to play by the rules. Then translate any pushback from higher-ups (like a boss or parent) into parameters that guide your actions instead of feeling shot down and throwing in the towel. Lucky for you, your ruling planet clicks with Jupiter in your exploration corner later in the week, and this time you won’t hit a roadblock; in fact, you’ll hit the fast lane. It’s like whatever you do, the universe is egging you on to go for it. This is the perfect chance to take a smart risk that will allow you to learn and grow. Your initiative and optimism is going to carry you into your future, with the wind at your back. Venus is also in cahoots with Jupiter, pointing to a romantic getaway or fun trip—or an extra gratifying encounter with something or someone new! Your comfort zone is not your happy place now, so stay miles away from it and sample totally unfamiliar pleasures for maximum enjoyment.



April 20–May 20

A Mars-Saturn showdown early in the week can cause you to run up against the limits of what you know. You may have slipped into an old behavior pattern without realizing it and are about to be made aware of what you’re doing wrong. You’re not getting much credit for what you’re doing while Mars is tucked away at the end of your chart—and now it may suddenly feel like the game is rigged against you. A few days later, Mars syncs with Jupiter, though, playing up the benefits of partnering with someone else in order to increase your odds of success. A person you trust might lend their wisdom and cheer you on or pitch in to further your efforts. If you’re flying solo, facing your fears or confronting another psychological challenge will teach you something about yourself and fortify your inner reserves. And both private emotional processing and physical intimacy can be a revelation. Your ruling planet’s get-together with Jupiter doubles down on those themes of powerful closeness and self-acceptance. You’re brave enough to let someone get up close and personal and to embrace your own imperfections. Plus you could have a stroke of luck securing financial support!



May 21–June 20

Teamwork could be a challenge as the week gets underway and doer Mars in your network zone squares off with stingy Saturn. You might be motivated to collaborate but run into trouble when someone refuses to hold up their end of the bargain. Try not to put too much emphasis on what you’re not getting and who’s not delivering. Maybe one person hasn’t gotten the memo that you’re all equal players. This might be your cue to slow your roll and be more selective about whom you partner with. Later in the week when Mars gets into a much better flow with Jupiter, the floodgates open and people will act like helpers, not haters. Keep trying to work together — because there’s power in numbers! Networking could pay off in the form of a useful contact or savvy mentor, and you’re bound to learn something from your cohorts if you stick with being a team player. And if you spot an opportunity to help others out, jump right in. Your ruling planet’s arrival in your expansion corner means you’ll soon be looking at life through a wide-angle lens. Curiosity combines with wanderlust, opening up fresh possibilities to explore.



June 21–July 22

Your ambition is in overdrive, thanks to Mars blazing a trail through your achievement angle, but when he reaches a stalemate with Saturn in your interpersonal house at the start of the week, someone could put up a stop sign. Resist the urge to keep going full speed ahead, and take negative feedback under advisement. A killjoy could be a blessing in disguise, since constructive criticism will sharpen your strategy. And it could be that you need to toggle between chasing goals and meeting personal obligations for a day. Later in the week, Mars meshes with Jupiter in your efficiency corner, suggesting that your willingness to work hard and serve a useful purpose will help you rise in the ranks. So keep approaching goals with a positive attitude and be open to helping out colleagues — or welcoming their assistance. Venus and Jupiter have their own rendezvous in your efficiency corner, so you won’t have any trouble getting along with coworkers and could have plenty of fun accomplishing tasks and doing something healthy like working out. Plus you might do a big favor for someone — or flirt boldly with a person in your everyday world, like an officemate.



July 23–August 22

On the heels of the lunar eclipse in Leo, Mars and Saturn get into a skirmish that could stop you in your tracks. You’re all ready to take a leap of faith, and then the taskmaster planet steps in to say, “Not so fast!” That might not be such a bad thing, since doing your homework will, at the very least, ensure you’re taking calculated risks. None of this leap-and-the-net-will-appear sunniness where Saturn is concerned! First prepare for this adventure — or venture. And if you’re defending your beliefs and principles or fighting for a cause, have plenty of facts on hand that will back you up. Mars plays nice with Jupiter later in the week, sending a totally different message. Now you’re free to follow your heart and do what makes you happy. If the spirit moves you, be a passionate activist, pursue your creative vision or hook up with someone who’s a real change of pace for you. A Venus-Jupiter encounter reinforces this message and may put an even more romantic or artistic spin on it. With the planet of largesse weighing in, you have permission to enjoy more of what puts a smile on your face!



August 23–September 22

As the week begins, Mars is locked in a standoff with Saturn, which could set up a push-pull in a close relationship. Maybe one person is ready to dive deep into intimacy, while the other wants to wait and see. Or one part of you is ultra focused on a passion project, emotional issue or love interest, and another part isn’t sure about putting all your eggs in one basket like that. Should you go all in or keep something in reserve? This might be a good time to remind yourself that you’re your own worst critic. You have so much to contribute, and whatever test you’re facing will empower you to understand yourself better and get out of your own way. Venus and Mars are both harmonizing with Jupiter at the base of your chart, which should mute your worries and spark an upswing in confidence. You’ll be able to get the support you need and will have the courage to get closer to someone — or to confront something within yourself and get more comfortable in your own skin. You also might host a big bash or overindulge in simple pleasures like sweets and binge-watching.



September 23–October 22

Private insecurity, domestic duties or family obligations can get in the way of partnership early in the week when Mars runs into trouble with Saturn. And unfortunately, it’s quite possible that emotional baggage and old patterns will make it hard to fight fair. Resist the tendency to get defensive. Try to delineate the part you play in an interpersonal dynamic so you can take back whatever you’re projecting onto others and own it. It helps if you can stop having to think of yourself as nice for a minute and accept that we’re all a potpourri of qualities. Venus and Mars have conferences scheduled with Jupiter after you get over Monday’s hurdle, so a positive attitude, an open mind and honest communication are sure to save the week. If you’re in the middle of a conflict, you’ll find you can patch things up pretty easily when you’re coming from a place of respect and seeking mutual understanding. Plus you’ll have no problem seeing the good in people, lightening the tone, letting beauty brighten your mood and showing others you care. You’re likely to cross paths with plenty of new faces, and a pleasant encounter might turn out to be a significant meet-cute!


October 23–November 21

Work smarter, not harder early in the week when Mars in your efficiency corner bumps into Saturn, causing you to find fault with what you’re doing. It makes sense to refine your approach, but don’t get stuck in analysis paralysis. The point is to keep going on a more focused track, not to talk yourself out of actions altogether. You can combine Uranian ingenuity and Saturnian know-how to cross lots off your list now. The danger is that you’ll fly off on a tangent or bring things to a screeching halt — so find the middle ground. Try not to take critical jabs at people or stress yourself out (exercise is an amazing de-stressor!) Venus and Mars are both making music with Jupiter in your worth zone, implying that keeping your nose to the grindstone can do wonders for your finances and your self-esteem. Make great use of your full stash of talents and skills, and you can’t go wrong. If you get carried away coveting stuff, the urge to splurge won’t be easy to rein in, thanks to too-much-is-never-enough Jupiter. So check the return policy if money’s tight — or have fun curating a wish list instead of filling a cart.



November 22–December 21

You’re fired up to chase after what you want while Mars treks through your fulfillment house, but his run-in with Saturn at the start of the week indicates practical concerns can compel you to pull back on the throttle. You may not have the funds (or other resources) to do exactly as you please and will need to adapt to whatever reality you’re faced with. Or perhaps you’re not feeling confident enough to follow through on a risk you were poised to take. Don’t put too much on the line when the moment doesn’t feel right. Venus mingles with Jupiter in Sagittarius the next day, sending your charisma and luck soaring. Your worst problem might be narrowing down your options when you’re effortlessly drawing in whatever — and whomever — you desire. You’re not about to prejudge a potential pleasure now! Mars melds with your ruling planet late in the week, clearing any obstacles in your path and revving you up to take a chance that will lead to growth. Follow your heart and make a bold romantic or creative move. If it makes you happy and excited, this is about the best dice roll you can get, so go for it!



December 22–January 19

As the week begins, you could have trouble getting out of your own way, due to a fight between Mars in your foundation angle and Saturn in Capricorn. If you’re feeling prickly, getting out of a bad mood will be no small feat. That’s because your motivations are mostly unconscious and your ruling planet isn’t big on sifting through emotions. Chances are you’re slipping into an old pattern — and fear, pessimism or a related symptom is making it worse. Don’t let a family member push your buttons. Set boundaries and spend your energy pulling yourself together, however that looks for you. You might, for instance, get busy cleaning the house and organizing your to-do list. A Venus-Jupiter rendezvous occurs soon after (phew!), increasing your inner sense of wellbeing. You’d benefit from unplugging and chilling solo or with someone you can truly unwind with. Mars links with Jupiter a few days later, making it infinitely easier for you to move past whatever’s been bothering you. You might join forces with a relative or roomie on a domestic project or humanitarian endeavor. Bonus: Your parents and people you live with will be a lot more supportive now, so let others do for you!


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