Braving the Heights: 5 Reasons Why going on a Helicopter Tour is the Best

For some people, a vacation is just going to a different place, eating the food there, and swim or do any other activity the area offers. However, some like to push the limits more. Some individuals prefer to dare to brave the skies and experience a whole new part of their lives.

Of course, one great way to do this is by going on a helicopter ride. Not just any ordinary helicopter ride, but going on a tour inside a chopper. Some may find the idea as absurd and expensive but rest assured, helicopters are safe which makes every single penny worth the while.

Here are some reasons why helicopter tours are the best:

A Whole New Perspective

Apparently, one of the best reasons for going on a helicopter tour is the view. As a tourist, most of us are stuck with the conventional way of going on a vacation by going on road trips and sightseeing. However, going on a helicopter ride outranks that experience by a long shot.

Not only do you avoid the hassle of traffic but you also get to have a whole new look at the world below. Being above everything, the rush of the wind and breeze hitting at you provides an overall unique experience. You’ll get to see how life gets moving from the top.

Avoiding Restrictions

As mentioned earlier, a typical vacation involves an essential road trip and eating out in a different place. Most of those trips either become too dull or too mainstream. By going on helicopter tours, you avoid the hassle and limitations of traveling on the ground.

For some locations, going by land is just impossible. Keep in mind that there are tourist spots that are only accessible via helicopter. One of these places is Kauai, U.S.A. where it is virtually impossible to reach the better areas of the site by land. You’ll need a helicopter to land safely on the rocky edges.

Another place in mind is the Glacier Country located in New Zealand. Situated along dangerous paths, safe travel on land is not possible. Tourists can reach the glaciers via helicopter to enjoy the magnificent views that the location provides.

A Whole New Experience

The whole point of going for a helicopter ride is that it is an overall new experience. Every time you go on a journey, it’s a unique feeling especially when tours reach beautiful locations. From modern cityscapes to untouched rainforests, a helicopter ride gives a tourist the best view from above. Witnessing such beauty is timeless and is never dull.

Time and Money

Although it’s hard to believe, helicopter rides save a tourist a lot of money. Admittedly, a helicopter ride would cost a few hundred dollars, but it adds up in the long run. Why? The answer is because you can travel and go on vacation at the same exact time.

Just by riding in a helicopter, you get to see a lot of places that would otherwise require you to pay more to have access. On helicopters, you get to view all those areas for the price of just one ride. What’s more is that you save a lot of time because it’s all there for you to see.

Helicopter rides are Intimate

A lot of us has had the frustration of overcrowding especially when it comes to picture taking. Imagine this scenario: You pose together with your loved one behind a scenery full of beauty only to realize that a ton of unwary photobombers has made their way to your “special” photo together.

Going on helicopter rides eliminates this common problem. Not only do chopper tours avoid photobombers, but they also enhance the backdrop of your photograph. Quite often, couples even consider helicopter tours romantic because of a particular feeling they get when they’re up on the clouds, holding hands with each other. Indeed, a romantic getaway for almost every couple.


Helicopter rides are the best when it comes to having a thrilling and exciting vacation. Try to stay away from the traditional holiday where you only get to travel on land or by the sea. Groups such as MicroFlite offer unique tours that will quench every thirsty traveler that wishes to partake in such trips.

Aside from the usual reason that helicopter rides offer a good view, helicopter rides are suitable for singles and couples alike because they’re romantic, exciting, and a good money’s worth.

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